Tips on funding and how to get it:

  • Bring the passion that you have for a project with you, and allow the people with the money to see that;
  • Before you fire off an application form, talk to the funders; start a dialogue with them in the early stages, to determine if your project is a match for their funding;
  • Don’t try to tick boxes for your funders if it’s not what you’re good at. There are people out there who love ticking boxes who will do it for you.
  • When you’re looking for funding, think about what’s in it for the funders. What are they going to get in return for supporting you?

    Step away from the project and ask: “What’s in it for them?”

  • Funders won’t point their money at your project. You have to point your project at the funders.
  • We collected statistics every step of the way. Funders love stats.
  • You don’t always have to ask for money. We asked the council if we could use their logo on promotional material and give them a progress report once a month and they were delighted.
  • When you get turned down by a major funder, you need to think: do I quit now, or can I achieve this another way, by borrowing, bartering etc?
  • Don’t forget: it might be ‘no’ today but it could be ‘yes’ tomorrow.