All across Scotland there are thousands of hidden entrepreneurs.

All across Scotland there’s billions of pounds of empty buildings in our towns and communities.

Can Do Places has a vision which goes like this…

What if buildings where people used to make work together, made things and sold things were brought back into life.

What if Community Superheroes took on the blight of empty buildings?

The answer would be:

Can Do Spaces where people working from home could stretch out and grow.

Can Do Spaces where entrepreneurs finding it a bit lonely can meet like minded people and collaborate.

Can Do Spaces for the thousands of people who would just like to explore starting a business and want a friendly environment to learn by doing.

Can Do Spaces for Can Do People. For plumbers and programmers and for artists and accountants. For the unemployed to the underemployed.

Watch our Can Do Places video now.

What’s a Can Do Space worth to your community?

Feed your enterprising soul!

Thank you.