“In 2008, Ireland followed the world into recession. Things were quite hairy, particularly for architects. The practice I was with went into liquidation. I’d given birth to my second child just six weeks before. And my husband worked for the same company!”

“It was a perfect storm of a catastrophe. Most of my colleagues left the country to work elsewhere or went back to college to retrain. Anyone who was left in Dublin, including myself, retreated into their bedrooms or home offices to work freelance. All of us were competing for kitchen extensions and other small-scale stuff because there was no market at all for the big projects we had worked on previously. I’d been an employee for years. The company had fed and clothed me and given me a salary. So I had a limited vision of how to earn an income.”

“I tried it for a while but I got lonely. I missed the social aspect of working with other people, and bouncing ideas off them. And I could feel my confidence going. Then the idea of a co-working space started forming in my mind – an engine room for innovation. And, basically, that’s how Fumbally started.”

People who weren’t at the Can Do Places Mash Up can learn more about the social enterprise that George Boyle founded in 2010 at: www.fumballyexhange.com

Better still come along and see George at our Enterprise Mash Up which is being held in Drygate, Glasgow on April 20th, 2016.

Responding to our invitation to come back to Scotland, George wrote: “I would be honoured to come and work alongside you guys again. Please count me in – and thank you for being possibly the most aligned thinking folk I’ve met on my journey so far! Loving your work!!”

This event has now ended.