April 2019

Can Do Places are delighted to report that Can Do Crieff opened it’s doors to the public on Friday 5 April 2019. After 4 years of hard work for the team, we would like to congratulate Ailsa Campbell, Chair of Crieff Community Trust and all the team for this wonderful achievement.

Can Do Places: Getting down to work in Crieff’s new Can do Space are Susan Grandfield of Can Do Crieff steering group, co-working space manager Catriona Davies, Crieff Community Trust treasurer Mirela MacInnes and Crieff Community Trust chairperson Ailsa Campbell
Can Do Places: With the keys of the door to Crieff’s new Can Do Space – Crieff Community Trust chairperson Ailsa Campbell, co-working space manager Catriona Davies, Susan Grandfield of Can Do Crieff steering group and CCT treasurer Mirela MacInnes

Iain Scott, Director of the Scottish Government funded Can Do Places initiative, which has supported Crieff’s journey, was delighted to see Can Do Crieff finally up and running.

He said: “The future of our country’s towns is changing, and we need to turn empty spaces into places we can work together because one in six people are working for themselves and it’s a growing trend. Scotland Can Do is about unlocking the potential of communities and individuals all over Scotland.

“The passion of people for their place is absolutely fantastic. We sometimes forget that when people talk about ‘place’, it’s not just the buildings, it’s the whole thing.

“Crieff has the first real Can Do space that has happened in a town. More and more policy makers are beginning to understand that this unsexy project, which it was when it started, is actually a very sexy project now because it creates jobs, it creates money and it all stays in the local economy and it’s owned by local people.”

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Can Do Crieff – https://www.candocrieff.com/

Crieff Community Trust – https://www.crieffcommunitytrust.org.uk/

Can Do Places – http://www.candoplaces.org

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