What are the benefits of setting up a co working space in your area:

  1. It can help to channel vital talent to local businesses and help bridge the skills gap.
  2. A co working space can help regenerate urban and rural communities by turning redundant buildings into places for entrepreneurial activity.
  3. As Sarah Stone (Leuchars Station Co Working Hub) discovered within the military wives, almost 60 per cent wanted to use their existing skills and talents to start a business – but only 14 per cent were already working for themselves.  “That means there’s a huge gap between the number people who want to be self-employed and the number who are. That’s a huge opportunity to create thousands of entrepreneurs.”
  4. It means that whenever someone moved to an area, there was somewhere they could go to find employers who might want their skills and expertise.

All great reasons to have a collaborative working space in your community!