A Can Do Places Fable from Enterprise Iain on Vimeo.

Once upon a time there was a place where people made and sold things. They had to do that in order to survive because without earning money how could they eat, clothe and shelter their family.

They built buildings to make the things.

They built buildings to sell the things they made.

They built buildings to stay in and they built places to play in after they made their things.

They built an enterprising place.

Some people were really enterprising and made a lot of money and built great libraries and museums to celebrate their success. Then the things they made weren’t made any more and the buildings became empty. The people who made the things had no money so some moved, some stayed but didn’t have any money, so the places to play in weren’t used any more.  And the places to sell in became vacant.  Everyone said what a shame.

Some people said “Those poor people. We need to do things for them.” And the people that lived there said “Why does nobody speak to us ? We can make different things, but we need to change and adapt the places we have.” Sometimes the people who wanted to help just decided they had the answers and changed the places. Sometimes the people who lived there got fed up and left.   Often other people said “Oh that dreadful place.” forgetting it used to be a great place.

But some people decided the only way to make their place great was do it themselves.  They had vision. They had aspirations.  But it was never easy.  Sometimes it was horrendous but they carried on.

These are the people that take part in Can Do Places. 

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