Hello Everyone

Never has it been so important to celebrate the places we live and never has it been so essential to celebrate the people in our communities who make things happen.

So that’s why we will shortly be launching our Can Do Places Ambassadors project.

Celebrating the people who make our communities enterprising. The volunteers running their own business who take on the blight of empty buildings and breathe new life into them. The people who give their time to make their place a good place for people to earn a living.

We are often asked “ who is involved in Can Do Places?“. Well it’s simple it’s:

  • people who care about where they live and want to restore its prosperity;
  • people who realise it’s in their power to create jobs and businesses, and;
  • people who do it because they know the best way out of poverty and disadvantage is help someone create a business or get a job in a local business.

There’s so much to tell but for now please help us by sharing this news and if you would like to find out more about the Can Do Places Ambassadors Project, then sign up here for our newsletter announcement.

With best wishes
Iain Scott