Crowdfunding Your Town Centre – Love Restored:

Crowdfunding (or is it Crowd Funding?) is a great way to get a project or idea off the ground. It is not an easy route and that is why we applaud Love Restored in Kirkcaldy for their imaginative approach to being Can Do in their town.

They sent us this lovely letter.

Hi Can Do Places

We wanted to share our story with you, which we hope you can use to help inspire others.

We are entrepreneurs who through drive and determination have overcome some of the unique town centres barriers to deliver distinctive and creative, experiential retail within Kirkcaldy Town Centre.

Our business Love Restored epitomises organic business start-up, we went from creative hobby to successful High Street business 18 months ago and we are ready to re-invest and grow our business again to encompass creative workshops and a POPiN concept – a shop within a shop for those without a shop – so that other businesses can start, grow and thrive on the High Street.

We are reinvesting and growing our business through generating creative opportunity for smaller business who would like to make the leap from Home to High Street (POPiN) as well as teaching creative and sustainable skills alongside our core business offering one-off pieces of hand painted and restored furniture and home-ware via our new larger store within Kirkcaldy Town Centre.

We could have grown our business by moving to an edge of town or formulaic “clone” Retail Park but our business, like town centres is about character, distinctiveness and a positive interactive experience for our customers–in short we are as passionate about Town Centres as we are about our business!

We would be delighted to help you and your networks in any way we can and we hope sharing our story is the start of that journey.

Over 8,000 people (as of July 2015) like Love Restored on Facebook and we have become a destination store with people travelling from around the country to visit us –our furniture has found new homes from Aberdeen to London and everywhere in between!

We have put together a small story board about our business and our campaign to “Restore the Love in our High Street”.

Please share our story and the link around your networks as we believe sharing positive inspirational “can do” case-studies can make a real difference to people thinking about starting or growing their business.


Lorraine and Nadia, Founders of Love Restored.



They did it!  On 16th July 2015 they successfully raised £4,355 with 95 supporters in 28 days.  Well done.

To find out how the team at Love Restored are getting on today and how much they have achieved since they secured the funding they required, visit their website and Facebook pages:

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