There are two ways of taking part in Can Do Places and Spaces but first, what does Can Do Places and Spaces do?

Well we are a nurturing network and if you wonder what that means, it’s simple, we put on workshops and events to help you make things happen. We capture your stories – the good, bad and the difficult and share them with like minded people. We know what it’s like trying to make something happen, whether as an individual or a community group and we know how lonely and isolating that can be. Our belief is that the best way to make some thing happen effectively is to learn from other people that have been there and done it.

Take Part In Can Do Places
Being enterprising is all about telling and sharing stories to help make things happen. We want to hear stories from people making their place can do.
  • If you are doing something to make your place more enterprising tell us about it and we will post it in our postcards.
  • If you have a problem making things happen tell us about it and we will share it with our great network-somebody somewhere out there can help .
  • If you want us to do a feature, podcast or film on your Can Do Places activity and journey get in touch.
  • If there is a common obstacle or opportunity with a group then we will organise an event – either online or at a venue to see how we can help you make it happen.
Take Part In Can Do Spaces
First of all what is a Can Do Space?
A Can Do Space is very simply, a co-working space with a heart and soul that benefits a community.
By breathing new life into redundant buildings and creating places where people can make work together, earn their own living, make things and trade. A Can Do Space generates an income for the community group, generates employment and keeps the money in the local economy.
This isn’t about saving buildings this is about saving towns and villages and places that we love.
You can hear about what is happening as some of our groups take forward the Can Do Space concept, either by reading about their progress or contacting us.
We are putting together a list of questions and answers about Can Do Spaces and co working which will be ready soon. So whatever you are doing as a Can Do Community, a Can Do individual or a Can Do Enterprise let us know.  Secondly if you are a group or an individual wanting to take over a building and save it and it could become a co working space, we want to hear from you.
To find out more about Can Do Places download and read our booklet.
Can Do Places Booklet

Can Do Places Booklet