Places of Potential: Crieff & Dundee 2018

How can towns and cities and reinvent themselves in ways that demonstrate and promote a culture of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship? What are the key factors in success that can be applied internationally and thus help foster a better, more inclusive and enriching, way of life?

Following the success of the inaugural Places of Potential summit held in Eindhoven in October 2017, we warmly welcome you to join the continued discussion in Scotland from 22-24 May 2018. The journey begins in the beautiful town of Crieff in rural Perthshire on day one and proceeds to the grand old city of Dundee, which is in the midst of an exciting period of cultural and physical regeneration.

Crieff – TUE 22nd May 2018

New Life for Empty Buildings,- How Can Do Spaces Can Transform Our High Streets
Strathearn Arts Space, Crieff – 10.00am -3.30pm

Places of Potential: CRIEFF is part of Can Do Places, a unique programme helping communities breathe new life into redundant buildings and turn them into collaborative co working spaces.  For more information visit Artspace and Crieff Community Trust.


Dundee – WED 23rd & THURS 24th MAY 2018

The Steeple, Dundee City Centre,Nethergate, Dundee DD1 4DG – 10AM-6PM FREE

As part of the design month, Dundee will welcome the Districts of Creativity 2018 Places of Potential Summit. Building on the Crieff event, this two day symposium seeks to investigate how we as designers, architects, planners, and citizens can create the conditions for creativity to flourish. The event will actively encourage participants from different disciplines to explore best practice and open dialogue which investigates the benefits of insider knowledge and the reflections of outsider observations to stimulate co-creation.

Delegates are welcome to attend one or both days.

Places of Potential: DUNDEE is part of Dundee Design Month, a full programme of design activity taking place across the city. Delegates can browse the full programme online at and are encouraged to extend their stay in Dundee to take in some of the other activity.



Dundee is situated on the east coast of Scotland and has excellent train and bus links to Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as a daily flight to London, Stanstead airport.  NB:  For those going to Crieff first, a bus will be arranged to take you to Dundee on the morning of 23rd May.   Also, we will take international visitors by bus to Crieff (from Glasgow) and from Crieff to Dundee.

If arriving into Edinburgh Airport, the easiest way to get to Dundee is to take the tram to either Edinburgh Gateway or Edinburgh Haymarket train stations. From there take a train to Dundee (the Aberdeen train stops in Dundee). The train takes approx. 90 minutes, and costs around £25.

Dundee Train station is located in the heart of the city, just 5 minute walk from our main venue.

More travel information can be found here:


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