From Home Working To Co Working

– inclusive growth, entrepreneurship and the new economy

20th September 2016 – House for an Art Lover, Glasgow 

– 9.30am to 3pm


A unique talk oot exploring the rise of the micro business and what it means for economic policy.

“1 in 7 people now work for themselves.”

“By 2020 more people will work in micro businesses than the public sector.”

“Starting a business from home is more sustainable and helps you grow faster.”

“More people are starting a business because they have no option.”

Recently all the talk about entrepreneurship has been about high tech business, venture capital and high growth businesses but the reality is very different.

Not everyone wants to start a business. Not everyone chooses to start a business, but for many people there is no option, yet we persist in the notion that entrepreneurs are driven, focused and confident.

Furthermore we now think that this stereotype represents all businesses.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

On 20th September, at House for an Art Lover in Glasgow:

will explore the new economy of Britain and what it means for local economies.

By bringing together these distinguished researchers from across Europe, this will be a rare chance to hear about the hidden economy that actually is growing faster than ever.

This unique event will explore:

– The rise and value of home based businesses to the economy.
– The post financial crash and rise of the accidental entrepreneur.
– What this means for economic growth inclusion and our communities.

This is an Enterprise Talk Oot which means a great chance to discuss and explore the findings.

Places are limited so book early!

ONLY £45 (plus booking fee) INCLUDING LUNCH. 

If you are working on your local economy this is a must attend event.